Donna Hanssen

DonnaDonna Hanssen, Director AfriCat Carnivore Care & Information Centre and heads the AfriCat Rehabilitation Programme.

Donna is the public face of the Foundation on Okonjima and joins her sister, Tammy internationally.

Donna, together with her siblings, Tammy, Wayne and Rosalea were raised on Namibian farmland where their parents Val & Rose Hanssen, whilst struggling to make a living from livestock farming amongst predators, gave them a most precious gift . . . . a deep-seated love for the wilderness and all wildlife. This passion for all things wild, coupled with the determination to find workable solutions to the farmer-predator conflict in order to protect and conserve carnivores, led to the birth of AfriCat on the farm Okonjima, in 1993.

Through their dedication and determination, the Hanssen siblings have guided AfriCat from its humble beginnings to become one of Namibia’s most effective carnivore conservation organizations.

After 4 years of studies in film making / editing and video technology, Donna left the broadcasting world in 1993 to join her siblings back on Okonjima to help kick-start a tourism venture to support a mutual conservation dream.
She has brought her considerable skills to bear in the reorganisation of AfriCat, particularly in raising the Foundation's profile and bringing it closer to Okonjima's guests. Donna is responsible for the new image which the Foundation now represents.

"Okonjima – home of AfriCat is a place where people are still practicing a way of life that is in harmony with nature and the natural world. Something modern societies have drifted away from in the quest for material wealth and progress."


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