Dr. Diethardt Rodenwoldt

vet diethardtDr Diethardt Rodenwoldt

"I am used to working within a team, and I aim to part-time assist The AfriCat Foundation during 2015/2016. Since August 2015 it has been my responsibility for some of the health and welfare of AfriCat’s longer term residents as well as several of the carnivores in the Okonjima Nature Reserve.

During 2015/2016, I will link-up, be part of and contribute positively to the working activities of an already respected proven functional unit which is Team AfriCat. Together, we would like to achieve the ultimate for wild cats, canines and herbivores in terms of conservation, education, veterinary care and research.

We also plan to contribute not only to the establishment of basic farming principles for a mutual, beneficial co-existence between carnivores and cattle ranching, but simultaneously improve the ecology of the fauna and flora of the Okonjima Nature Reserve over time. I am excited and look forward to a new era of exciting challenges."


Dr Rodenwoldt, together with other veterinaries working with AfriCat, will also be involved with the workings of The Foundation from both a veterinary and a conservation perspective as well as several of the research projects which have been undertaken, helping to guide its work into the most challenging areas of conserving Africa’s large predators in the face of ever-growing competition for the planet’s limited resources.

Read Dr. Diethardt's CV. (PDF)

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