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AfriCat Environmental Education Centre Rules

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Rule 1: We try to have as few rules as possible, because we want the participants to have as much FUN as possible!

Rule 2: However for the safety and comfort of all living organisms at the AfriCat Environmental Education Centre we have to have a few. . . .

Rule 3,4,5,6,7 & 8: The main rules concern 

  • maintaining peace and quiet,
  • the three R’s (Recycle, Re-use, Reduce),
  • saving our natural resources especially water as Namibia is an arid country,
  • consideration at our ablution facilities,
  • respect and consideration for all life and
  • lastly the use of electronic devices! We do not allow our PAWS and AfriCat Environmental Education visitors to use their cell phones, Ipads or tablets except for photography.

Please understand that you will need to be quiet moist of the time while in Nature.
The quieter we are, the more wildlife we will see, hear and enjoy!
We also need to be quiet in consideration of our camping ‘neighbours’. Okonjima’s Omboroko Campsite is only about 700m from our PAWS site. The guests camping there have come to enjoy the peace of Okonjima.


Remember the 3 R’s: Recycle, Reduce, Re-use. Try and apply these 3 important words into your daily routine.
PLEASE NOTE: Please place all waste in the correct bin.
All recyclable wastage/excess must be CLEAN please!


Don’t waste WATER but drink lots of water. All the water comes from deep boreholes (160 – 200m below) and is clean and safe to drink!


Respect and obey all instructions relating to the ablution facilities. Especially at night.
These are clearly explained at our 'Ablution Blocks'.
No fires, matches, lighters except in the designated place  . . .  AND NO SMOKING!


Respect and be aware of all wild animals- big and small! We are visitors in their territory!
NO running away!
NO shouting or calling! (e.g: Kitty-kitty – come, Kitty-Kitty! – this is a BIG NO-NO in nature)
NO throwing stones or squashing any life-form - from a porcupine to an ant!


No cell phones | Ipads or Tablets - except for photography.
Although initially, this rule is greeted with horror and dismay, we feel this is a very important rule with allot of positive effects  . . . 




Where can I drink water?

  • If you are thirsty, please fill up your water bottle from the tap at the Lapa.
  • Turn the tap off when not in use!

Where can I throw away my rubbish?

  • All rubbish must be rinsed and placed in the CORRECT LABELLED bin next to the Lapa.
  • Do not throw any rubbish on the ground!

Must I stay at the fire when it is burning?

  • YES! Never leave the fire unattended. There must always be someone watching the fire.
  • If you are the last one at the fire and want to leave, ask someone to watch the fire for you.
  • When you are the last in the evening before going to bed, you use a full watering can to put out the fire completely.

Where can I go?

  • Please stay in the Camp Area. If you cannot see the Camp then you are too far. Please do not go past any STOP sign!
  • Please stay with at least two other children and tell an adult if you want to go anywhere.

Where can I shower?

  • The girls have their own toilets and showers which they can use near the Lapa.
  • The boys have their own toilets and showers which they can use near the tents.

Can I go to the toilet at night?

  • Yes, but take a torch and a friend with you!
  • Look carefully where you put your feet! Be on the look-out for scorpions and snakes.

Are there animals here?

  • YES! There are many wild animals here!
  • Respect all plants and animals especially insects, spiders, scorpions and snakes!
  • You can find signs (tracks and droppings) of kudu, oryx, steenbok, jackal, baboons, warthogs, porcupines and other animals. Notice the different plants!

What can I do in my free time?

  • Feel free to look at and read all the posters, fact files and books in the Lapa.
  • Enjoy and explore your new surroundings! Listen to the birds!
  • You can swim in the pool nearby, but only under adult supervision.


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