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AfriCat Welcomes 4 New Team Members - Selma and Francois, Jackson and Kandavii!


selma After 2 years as Administrator at AfriCat, it sadly was time for Chris Moshosho to move on to new challenges in Windhoek, where he will also get the chance to be closer to his family. Chris was immensely popular at AfriCat, and an invaluable member of the team. He is already missed, and on his request we send regular updates on the cats at Okonjima & AfriCat.

In January 2014, we welcomed Selma Amadhila to Team AfriCat. Selma is from Ondangwa, and she came straight out of University after 5 years of majoring in Tourism Management & Environmental studies at the University of Namibia, with an Honours Bachelor’s degree. She was handpicked among many applicants, because of her passion for wild life conservation, the human wildlife conflict issues but most of all because of her love for animals and living in the bush.

Selma is honoured to join the AfriCat Team and has vowed to carry on the mission – the long-term conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores.

AfriCat's Carnivore Care Programme.
AfriCat who we are.




vet david roberts

AfriCat's new full time veterinarian and Head of Research. Dr David Roberts joins Team AfriCat. His position will enable us to better monitor health issues in the AfriCat Care Centre; conduct more effectively the monitoring of the cheetahs in rehabilitation; continue with the valuable lion and wild dog research in the field as well as initiate more projects - especially pertaining to livestock management, disease control and husbandry in communal farming areas. 

David grew up on a plot outside Windhoek, Namibia and gets his strong interest in Namibia's wildlife and wild areas from his parents who are both ecologists.

David studied Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and qualified in 2012. Since then he has been working on his MSc which is on the ontogenetic allometry of wildebeest, with the Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies at Onderstepoort.

Having finally returned to Namibia David is now the full time veterinarian and head of research at AfriCat. When he's not darting and treating animals he will be organising AfriCat's diverse research projects, concentrating on ensuring that practical, relevant, and scientifically accurate research continues to be done here. David is also responsible for keeping the 'AfriCat|Jim Maltman Veterinary Clinic' running and representing AfriCat in the scientific community.



lion guardians The AfriCat Lion Guardians – 'Keepers of the Wilderness', Mr. German Muzuma & Mr. Titus Turitjo of the Ehirovipuka Conservancy were joined by two additional Lion Guardians, Mr. Jackson Kavetu and Mr. Uezekandavii Nguezeeta (Kandavii) during October 2013. All four team members continue to monitor & report on lion whereabouts, encourage and guide farmers to adopt the AfriCat Livestock Protection programme, report incidents, patrol fences with Ministry of Environment & Tourism (MET), monitor & report poaching and other illegal activities, identify priority villages for kraal-building and carry the message of Conservation from the highest authorities to the farmer!

See: Community Support

Essentially, these four men are assigned to various areas, elected by their communities. German, a Chief-in-waiting, is based in Otjokovare, the 'captial' of the Ehirovipuka Conservancy and co-ordinates the Lion Guardian activities. Titus, is based along Etosha’s western boundary, covering an area of approx. 60 km2 on horse-back; he received a new saddle and saddle-blankets in order to make his 'ride' easier and to protect his horse’s back. Jackson hails from the Arisona farming community along the south-western border of Hobatere and Kandavii from the Onguta area, along the western border. These men play a vital role in protecting the Hobatere lions and mitigating lion-farmer conflict on communal farmland.

See: Hobatere Lion Research Report October 2013 - February 2014


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