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Name: Eland  Tragelaphus oryx
Habitat: Highly versatile, from arid semi-desert to montane grassland. Live in both low and high altitudes, and various types of woodland. Where water is available they drink regularly but if water is only available seasonally they satisfy their moisture requirements from their food.
Food: Predominantly browsers, but will eat green grass in summer which is the bulk of the diet, and will eat dry fallen leaves.
Habits: Eland usually live in small herds but large aggregations of more than 700 have been recorded. In autumn, large herds break up into smaller herds of mixed sexes and age classes. Eland are not territorial. Males and females have separate dominance hierarchies according to size and age and bulls dominate cows. Diurnal but in summer months feed after sunset. Eland make a distinct clicking noise as they walk. This may be caused by the hooves or the carpal bones in the knees. Eland are the slowest of the African antelope but also the largest.
Enemies: Lion and on rare occasions hyenas
Average weight: Males 700-950kg Females 450-600kg
Shoulder height: Males 1.5-1.8m Females 1.3-1.5m
Gestation period: 273-279 days
Average young: 1
Lifespan: 12-20 years

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