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Name: Oryx or Gemsbok  Oryx gazella
Habitat: A species of open arid country, open grassland, open bush savanna. 
prefer sandy soil with short grass.
Food: Mainly graze but will browse (more in winter than in summer) will also dig for roots, bulbs and feed on succulents. Gemsbok cucumbers and tsama melons also form part of the diet.
Habits: Herd animals but solitary males also occur. Big herds up to 300 individuals have been recorded after rainfall but in dry season break up into smaller herds consisting of mixed herds and nursing herds to utilize the less abundant food supply. Males 5years and older form small territories 4-10 sq km where as females have huge home ranges up to 1400 sq km. Using nasal panting and their ability not to sweat in hot temperatures makes them capable of surviving in the desert as well as their amazing diet and digging skills.
Reproduction: Young are born anytime of the year but there is a peak in September just before the first rains. Females sexually mature at 2years and their first calves normally at 29-33 months. After birth the calves will stay in concealment for 2-4 weeks where the mother only visits to suckle.
Average weight: 210-240kg
Shoulder height: 120cm
Gestation period: 264 days
Average young: 1
Lifespan: +-19 years

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