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OKORUSU – AFRICAT Communal Carnivore Conservation Programme (CCCP)

solvayEach year, large numbers of lions are unnecessarily shot in conservancies and around the borders of Etosha national park as a result of conflict with farmers.  This continuous loss to Namibia’s wild lion population cannot be sustained and, together with increasing loss of ideal habitat due to human encroachment, could have potentially devastating effects on one of the last remaining FIV-free strongholds of wild lions in the world.

Tammy Hoth, a passionate and outspoken conservationist and founder of AfriCat North has long dreamed of reversing this trend.  It now seems as though the genie in Tammy’s lantern has awoken from a deep slumber and made her first wish come true.  Realising the importance of AfriCat North’s project, Solvay - Okorusu Fluorspar mine, owned by the multinational Chemicals group, Solvay, has made its largest donation yet by its Community Trust, in the field of Environment and Conservation.  Okorusu recently signed an agreement worth N$1.68 million with AfriCat North, to sponsor and actively support on an ongoing basis what is considered by many to be the most important conservation project in Namibia at the moment.  And so The Communal/Carnivore Conservation Project was born.

Okorusu Mine management is no stranger to the dilemma of making a living out of the earth and conserving our natural heritage.  One of the main reasons for Okorusu’s support for this project has been that it recognises AfriCat’s change in emphasis from "capture and release" to an organisation concentrating on "conservation through education".  While still attempting to remove carnivores from areas in which they have absolutely no chance of survival, AfriCat’s new focus will be to work with farmers to find ways of living with these wonderful animals and protecting them in their natural habitat.   


Okorusu’s commitment to the Environment is in line with its slogan "giving back to the Earth".



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