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Steppes Travel (or Steppes East as it was then) was founded in 1989 with the objective of creating a travel company where service and knowledge are of the highest priority. We aim to design itineraries, which, while including the highlights of any country, additionally take travellers off the beaten track to see lesser known, but equally interesting places not frequented by large numbers of tourists.

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We offer individuals the ability to travel safely in remote areas in the knowledge that one of us had been there before. Furthermore we run a 24-hour emergency service, which ensures that at any time, a member of staff is on call to help resolve a local difficulty. It is our belief that these little details make the difference between a good travel company and an exceptional travel company.

To achieve this we demand a very high calibre of staff who on the one hand, through a combination of upbringing and education, can objectively analyse and appreciate the finest hotels and resorts in the world and yet who will, at a moments notice, disappear off to some far flung remote corner to visit a particular treasure which, for what ever reason, has grabbed their attention. Additionally they must have the intellect and education to absorb the culture and history of a country so that in turn they can produce interesting and stimulating ideas for you the traveller.

We now have a sales staff of 17 in the office all of whom have a wealth of travel experience under their belts and who revisit their own particular areas of expertise each year to refresh their minds and discover new opportunities. Some have now been with us for more than 10 years and have developed a following of clients who trust their judgement and will travel with no one else. We hope you will join those ranks.

Steppes has long been an admirer of Africat’s innovative approach towards the conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores. We have been impressed with their ability to adapt as the demands of conservation change and commend their commitment to using responsible tourism as an essential tool in protecting Nambia’s big cats. While they continue to rise to the ever changing challenges of conservation in Namibia we will continue to support their crucial work.


For further information please contact Jarrod or visit www.steppesdiscovery.co.uk for wildlife and conservation travel.


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