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Mary Jan Newby

A personal word from Sarah:

"In 2011 my mother left me some money after she died. Family & friends suggested I should buy some jewellery or something nice in memory of her. I don’t wear jewellery, knowing me I would knock the diamond out of a ring.

My mother also had a passion for animals, so when I first visited AfriCat, I fell in love with Namibia. I knew what I was going to do with the money. I donated money to help set up the new clinic with an anaesthetic monitor, instruments and other equipment. My mother was a nurse and I am a vet nurse, so it seemed very appropriate.

AfriCat organised some plaques to put on the monitors in memory of mum. So her memory lives on at AfriCat. I have been here three years in a row to help with the health checks and it is such an honour to watch all the equipment being used by the vets and researchers. It is also an honour knowing how much I am helping AfriCat in their research, so we can all learn more about Cheetahs, Leopards and Lions.

Leaving a legacy is such a wonderful thing to do. Not only are you helping that organisation, but your loved one will always be remembered and you will always be reminded of them in such a wonderful way. I am very proud of what has been achieved with mum’s donation and I am one very proud and happy AfriCat supporter. They are on top of my list for my legacy when it is time.

People travel to AfriCat from all over the world. So when they come to visit they see who has donated what & how that particular person's legacy has helped AfriCat. So it reaches every part of the globe. You get such positive feedback from all sorts of people & you know exactly where your money goes, from helping feed the cheetahs & leopards in the carnivore care centre, improving their large enclosures, setting up new facilities. As I said before it is such a pleasure seeing first hand my equipment being used by the wonderful vets at AFRICAT.

People are always promising to help organisations like AfriCat but they don't follow through. It is fine to like photos & stories on Facebook & other social media but it doesn't really achieve anything. It is so rewarding knowing how much I am helping these beautiful animals through my mother's memory, knowing that Mum lives on through AfriCat & the cats & she is remembered around the world.

In this harsh world of ours I recommend doing something lovely like leaving a legacy of some sort, it doesn't matter how big or small. It makes you feel so good especially after the pain of losing a loved one."

Sarah Cullen Proud AfriCat Supporter!

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