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onguta schoolonguta school


Onguta Village, Ehirovipuka Conservancy, Kunene Region, north-west Namibia.
The AfriCat Communal Carnivore Conservation Programme (CCCP) AND AfriCat Community Support Programme.


The AfriCat CCCP is committed to empowering farming communities in carnivore-conflict zones, to better manage and protect their livestock, ultimately mitigating conflict and reducing carnivore persecution.
Through Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation and Environmental Education Programmes, AfriCat has contributed to uplifting communal farming communities since 1997. Needs are identified and thanks to dedicated donors, 17 nocturnal kraals have been built to date and a larger number upgraded as well as improvements to rural schools in the !Khoa di //Hoas and Ehirovipuka Conservancies.

One such school in the Ehirovipuka Conservancy, the Onguta Primary School, which offers a pre-school class (ages 5-6 yrs), and grades 1-3 to approx. 50 students, comprises three tents as classrooms, sand floors and a metal trunk for storage; extreme heat and dust makes for less than ideal learning conditions!
Yet, the three teachers and community are dedicated and keen to educate their children as best possible. The traditional leader, Headman Fanuel Ndjiwa, is a conservationist, a visionary and an exemplary leader: his aim is to offer schooling to 150 children from pre-school age (5-6 years) to grade 3 (lower primary), is committed to the AfriCat Livestock Protection Programme (LPP) and is instrumental in minimising the persecution of large carnivores in his area of jurisdiction.

onguta schoolonguta school

AfriCat’s mission is to further support this pro-active community by developing a formal school, including classrooms, store-rooms, ablutions (showers and toilets), a kitchen / dining area, a communal gathering place, teacher’s accommodation and eventually, a boarding hostel.

The site for the school has been allocated by the Headman and his community; a school playground was built by AfriCat in April 2015, materials donated by farmers and businesses (old tyres and metal poles), the painting and hard labour undertaken by 18 students of the Private School Swakopmund.

The Onguta Primary School is linked to a government school based in Opuwo, a small town in Namibia’s northwest.

onguta schoolaukamp schule donation onguta school onguta schoolonguta school

Project Description:
The development of the Onguta Primary School could be undertaken in 3 phases:
Phase 1: 4 classrooms (pre-school + grades 1-3), 2 store-rooms (2 classrooms sharing one store-room), 4 toilets and 4 showers, battery room for a basic solar system, which has been donated), 2 x 5 000 Litre water tanks, metal stand;
Phase 2: Staff room and office, kitchen and dining area (one room for kitchen with open-sided, roofed dining area), communal gathering place or school 'hall' (a barn-like, roofed area with walls up to approx. 1.5m in height, gauze wire to the roof);
Phase 3: Staff accommodation and Boarding school (this phase still to be considered: water availability for 150 children, etc.)

Phase 1 should be undertaken as soon as possible in order to create a better learning environment.

The community has pledged to make bricks, which could begin as soon as funding has been sourced for phase 1.
A Namibian Architect, who designs eco-friendly projects, would be approached to design the school in its entirety; local builders will be sourced to take on this project, under AfriCat’s supervision.

Estimated Budget:
Phase 1: approx. N$ 1 000 000.00 (one million Namibian Dollars)
Estimated GBP 48 - 50 000.00 (@ 1:21).

Due to the dire need for improved learning conditions and standard of education for the children of Onguta Village, we cordially request support for this venture.
Sincere thanks.

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aukamp schule donation onguta schoolaukamp schule donation onguta school6onguta schoolonguta schoolonguta schoolonguta school

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