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AfriCat’s newsworthy information is about recent events at AfriCat; the work we do on communal farmland south, west and northwest of Etosha National Park; carnivore rescue efforts across northern Namibia; carnivore research; the ever present Human Wildlife Conflict issues; stories within the Okonjima Nature Reserve, or about carnivore-happenings and events unfolding around us and the carnivores we work with and care for.

The word 'news' means exactly that - things which are new. Our loyal supporters are used to receiving the latest updates – it makes them feel part of the work we do in Namibia, and there is so much news to share with you. There is so much bio-diversity in the sprawling Okonjima Nature Reserve, that there is an endless stream of goings-on, on a daily basis. Notwithstanding carnivore interest stories, which have a special resonance for all at AfriCat and Okonjima, there are so many amazing occurrences and observations to report on.

Carnivore stories touch us all emotionally, and in our valued supporters we also aim to evoke responses such as amusement, happiness or, at times, sadness as well, when we lose one of our 'family'.

AfriCat sends out an informative colour, quarterly E-newsletter by email (html format) – this is filled with news from the Okonjima Nature Reserve; updates on our beloved residents; research and scientific updates; the work our AfriCat North programme is involved in and of course many, many photos.

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